Konkan Connections – 3

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Trnnn..Trnnnn?? The phone was ringing incessantly?. “Lolly?Please answer the phone..” sweet voice of Rilsy, echoed  in the room. ” Awright dear, dutiful wife , that she was.  Lolly swayed in her inimitable style and picked the receiver.


No answer..

“Helloo” she cooed again.

“Hallohh” a very rough voice of Xavier was heard on the receiver.

“Arre, Saverab, what a pleasant surprise! I was just talking about you with Rilsy as we were reading the bible this morning.”
“Lolly, Please let me talk to Rilsy, I am in trouble. I need his counseling. It is urgent?” There was heavy coughing heard from Xavier?s throat.

“Saverab, Please do not mind. The nuns from the Convent of Jesus are here. Rilsy is busy with them. Their meeting may take an hour to finish. As you know Rilsy does not like to be disturbed while in a meeting.  After all he is the senior member in the new Bible Society of America.”

“Darn it” Xavier thought to himself. I have donated from my personal wealth more than 20 lacs of rupees.  I have collected donations from people worth of total 50 lacs.  Today, this bloody Rilsy and his darned wife are treating me like dust!! I was really a fool.  Simply I ran around all parishes in Mumbai and begged like a seasoned beggar to collect donations for this wily, treacherous couple.  He was only short of doling out curse words like his old habits.

 “Hi, Xavier, How are ya?
Sweet voice of Rilsy Vas started singing lullabies in his ears?
“Hi?errr? Hello? Han? Yes? Rilsy..How are you?
“Ha ha ha” It is really surprising to hear from you after such a long hiatus” Now, there was little sarcasm in Rilsy?s voice.

Of Course it ought to be?because Xavier had traveled a long journey. From Church to Different temples and visiting Hindu priests in Udupi and Tirupathi to even having an audience with Shri Ram baba, Alahabadwale to offering chaddars at Ajmer Sharif?s Durgah, he had come a  full circle..

“Errr.. Rilsy? please let?s forget all that. Now, I am in trouble” He deliberately cut short what he was going to say.

“Well, Xavier, please relax. I will speak to you after an hour. Lolly will remind me. Now, I have to finish my meeting with the sisters.

“Darn it” said Xavier to himself and slammed the phone down. He had no choice.  In simple words, he was getting old?that was the only truth.. Or else…


Rilsy Vas ?A crazy split personality?

He has seldom been caught worried!

For an outsider, he does not do anything. Of course, it?s true. He has a deadly habit of getting work done through his pawns He has mentally disturbed brother, Jozie, his driver, a young chap Charles and his wife, Lolly Vas. But, no one has ever seen Rilsy lose his cool.

He is always composed! He has amassed wealth, which no one can imagine. He is a Roman Catholic, but never ever has believed the teachings of the church. He is a great script writer and he has a great talent. He was tutored by the friars from Germany during his teen years. No doubt, he is a very religious person, but somewhere he learnt to make use of religion and try to make money and enjoy world?s riches. This side of his, no one knows apart from his wife and his mechanic brother who runs two garages in Bahrain, Julius Ceaser.

There was pin drop silence in the room. The only sound was of Abraham?s heart beats?Which were in a fastidious mode. He was seated in a chair and in front of him lay a table and four Police Inspectors.  The Investigating officers were standing surrounded him. There was darkness all around, except a lamp dispensed from the ceiling, which was shining brightly. Abraham?s face was soaked in sweat.  It was really a bad day?.

“C?mon, D? Costa, Bolo?.. Since how long you have been into this trade?”

…Uh…oh…Abraham mumbled something which was inaudible.

“You are running a travel agency. How many people you have helped in money laundering so far?”
….Bolo… badmaash?nahin  toh? poora bathisi haath mein dedoonga?” the fiery PSI screamed. He is Bhagwan Manik, the dare devil cop. He has killed 62 criminals in encounters. Abraham was totally bathed in sweat like he was having a steam bath…But, only difference this time, the steam was very smelly!

“Saab log.. I am doing this for the first time. I am very happy with my Travel Agence business??I do not want extra mo…
” You damn….” Wham! A tight slap landed across Abraham?s Face. His head produced stars and started traveling in circles around his head like the Saturn Planet!!

The cop behind him pushed Abraham to the front. Abraham landed on his chin on the table with both his hands trying to gauge the width of the table. He was totally frightened! In his youth, he has many a times gone into and came out from various Police Stations. Bur, now at this age?.. his confidence levels were dripping.  He swooned!

” Hey.. c?mon.. sprinkle water?..bring budda (old man) into his senses.  It seems this chap is a seasoned criminal..” shouted PSI Bhagwan to his assistants – Sub. Inspector Talpade and ASI Khode, Head Constable Ghaitonde.


Author: Donald Dsilva- Mumbai

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