Konkani play ‘Railway Platform’ enthralls Packed Audience

Konkani play ‘Railway Platform’ enthralls Packed Audience

Mangaluru: The member of Sadhana Balaga (R) staged a drama “Railway Platform” on 13th September 2016 from 6.45 to 8.00 p.m. at the Town hall, Mangaluru. The drama with a theme of enlightening society on geriatric problems was well appreciated by the jam-packed audience in the town hall.



The ‘Railway Platform’ was produced during the 43 days, August 1st to September 13th , drama workshop organized by Sadhana Balaga with a duration of 3 hours daily at Nalanda School. V T Road, Mangaluru.

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Well known drama director Jagan Pawar, Prasanna H S and Sathish P B were the resource persons for the drama workshop U. Prakash Shenoy scripted and produced the play. Prasanna H S directed the play. Sathish P B was the co-director. The duo are trained at ‘Ninasam’, Sagar

Sathish P B was the co-director, Bhavana P Shenoy and V S Gurumurthy managed the music, Shakunthala Kini translated the lyrics basically taken from Doddarange Gowda’s compilations and from Vachana Sahitya Koni Sheshagiri Nayak and Satish P B managed the stage props. U Raghavendra Kini was the co-ordinator for the workshop and the play.

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Vishwa Konkani Kendra, Mangalore, Karnataka Konkni Sahitya Academy, Mangalore, duo Sri ko. sam. Srinivas Patashala, Mangalore, was the main sponsors for the play and the workshop. A host of Konkani organisations and donors also joined hands in the making it a success.

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The inauguration was done by Basti Vaman Shenoy, President, Vishwa Konkani Kendra, Shakthinagar, Mangalore. Dr. Kasturi Mohan Pai, Director Sri. Ko.sam. and Dr. DevadasPai, Registrar, Karnataka Konkani Sahitya Academy, Mangalore. S S Nayak C.A., Santhosh Kamath, President, Sadhana Balaga etc., were on the stage. Roy Castelino-President of Karnataka Konkani Sahitya Academy also graced the occasion.

Submitted by: Smitha Shenoy, Professor in Journalism, Besant Women’s College

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