Kota Police raid illegal slaughter house – Three arrested

Kota Police raid illegal slaughter house – Three arrested

Udupi : The Kota police on Sunday, September 11 raided an illegal slaughter house at Kodi-Kanyana near Sasthan and arrested Three persons.
The arrested has been identified as Muneer, Firoz and Alsam residents of Kodi-Kanyana.
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Based on the information from locals, the Kota police inspector Kabbal Raj and his team raided the slaughter house and arrested Muneer and two others. Police also seized the meat, knives and a weighing scale in the raid.
The Kota Police registered the case.


  1. One again, the description of individuals caught running illegal slaughterhouse shouldn’t surprise anyone unless you are one of those morons of gigantic scale and magnitude!! When will stenographers come out of their perpetual hiding place and report on truth? Are they too dishonest and biased to see the overwhelming evidence pointing at one group and its involvement in almost EVERY case from vimaana nildaana to illegal slaughterhouse? Why is that we have no journalists interested in doing any special investigation report on these topics and communities? Is their ‘courage’ only limited to exposing Sangha parivaara or Indian army in Kashmeer? Oh well…

    • “Is their courage only limited to exposing Sangha Parivaaara..”? Yumreeki Rampe

      Leave the Indian media to it’s own devices ya Rampa. After all, WHO do you think were providing you your staple diet of news – Gold Smuggling at MIA and illegal Cow transportation? BBC or CNN?

      Say, have you cottoned-on to your new RSS ‘uniphaarm’? What do the neighbors say? Have the neighborhood kids stopped running away the moment like they used to see waddling in your Jhomblass chaddis?

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