KPCC Labour Cell Endorses Congress Candidate Mithun Rai


KPCC Labour Cell Endorses Congress Candidate Mithun Rai

Mangaluru: “As of today, 62 percent of people work in the unorganized sector. Only 8 percent of Indians work in the organized sector. There is safety for people who work in the organized sector but there is no safety for those who work in the unorganized sector. Narendra Modi has set out to ruin government companies like BSNL, Bharath Electronics, and HAL”, said KPCC Labour Cell President Dr SS Prakassam in a press meet held at the DCC Office, Mallikatta here, on April 15.

Addressing the mediapersons Prakasam said, “When Siddaramaiah was the Chief Minister, there was a pension scheme set up for workers such as cobblers, plumbers, porters, and small shopkeepers. The pension scheme would require employees to pay 100 rupees and the government would pay 200 rupees. We proposed the scheme to the Central Govt. After seeing the scheme, Narendra Modi thought that this was a nice scheme and maybe asked himself about why they shouldn’t do something like this. So he didn’t approve our scheme and instead made his own scheme similar to ours. However, there are several differences in our scheme and their scheme. Their scheme cannot be implemented.”

He further said, “Demonetization killed 105 people. The families of those people have received no compensation. The GST tax is hurting small and medium businesses. The KPCC has over 15 lakh members in the entire state. In Mangaluru, we have over 15,000 members. None of us will vote for the Narendra Modi govt. In Mangaluru, Mithun Rai is a young and educated leader. He has promised to work and save Mangaluru.”

Labour Cell Block Presidents Amir Ahmed, Lokesh Hegde, and other were also present.