Kundapur: 12-year-old Girl Ends Life by Hanging Self at Home in Paduvari

Kundapur: In a shocking incident, Vaishnavi (12), daughter of Vishalakshi of Tarapati in Paduvari village and a student of VI standard, ended her life by hanging herself at home.

She took the extreme step while her mother had gone to work at Areshirur. What drove her to do so is not known.

Many persons around have said that the ill effects of serials and films in which persons in distress resort to suicide as a permanent solution to any problems could be responsible for the act.

Loneliness in life, while her mother had to earn a living and had to be away, may also have led her to do so, according to some other sources.

A case has been registered in the Byndoor police station.

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