Kundapur: 25-year-old Woman Goes Missing for a Day – Return Brings Relief to Village

Kundapur: Vaishali (name changed), 25-year-old daughter of a Nadupalu-Basriberu resident, went missing all of a sudden on Friday evening, causing concern for the family members and villagers.

Sometime earlier, she reportedly had an argument with a young man from the neighbourhood. Having left home she did not return in the night. A written complaint was filed at the Kollur police station.

The police made a search for her on Saturday. The matter took twists as political leaders from different parties arrived at the place. Various kinds of rumours began circulating.

The young man with whom she had a tiff was blamed for the incident. But by 3 pm on Saturday, she returned home all of a sudden. It brought relief to the villagers as well as the police as the matter could have taken a serious turn.

The police are yet to make inquiries about where she went and reason for her sudden decision to leave the house causing stress for the family members.

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