Kundapur: Daylight March of Bisons into Human Territory Creates Fear in Nada

Kundapur: A herd of three bisons (Indian gaur) – a genus of wild buffaloes called ‘kaaTi’ in local languages – appeared to have entered the human territory in Rama Nagar in Nada village in the taluk for a brief period late last week.
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On Saturday, they had camped in a wild growth behind the house of Mudura, a retired employee of telecom sector. They were spotted by him and  the word was passed around as a matter of caution. Fear gripped the village for some time.
People gathered around and the matter was reported to the forest personnel with a view to driving the animals back into the forest. Residents said that gathering of crowds scared the bisons and they marched back into the forest after some tim.
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Bison bulletins:

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