Kundapur: Dead Sea Mammals Washing Ashore Could be a ‘Whale’ of a Problem!

Kundapur: Environmentalists and marine experts are alarmed at the rising cases of whales washing ashore during the past days.

There have been over half a dozen cases along the coast of undivided DK district and Kasaragod during the past month.

To add to the statistics, a dead whale was found on the Belikere stretch of Gangolli seashore on Thursday. The 12-ft-long, 6-ft-wide mammal lay there unattended for long hours until evening.

To add to the woes of the residents and fisheries community, carcasses of a pig and a buffalo also were found on the beach the same day.

The limbs of the pig were found bound. Stray dogs kept feasting on them to make the sight even more dreadful.

The locals urged the authorities concerned to dispose of the remains in the interest of atmospheric hygiene and to prevent spreading of communicable diseases.

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