Kundapur: Expecting Big Booty, Thieves Target Former Cop’s House, Return with Petty Amount

Kundapur: There are some government departments, which perceivedly fetch high gains under the table. The police department is regarded to be one of them. Those who had served in these departments are thought to have piled up big cash and valuables at home.

Maybe it was with this thought that thieves, unidentified for the present but who appear to be fully familiar with the place, broke into the house of H Naga Mogaveera, who had retired after serving as a head constable in district armed reserve (DAR) of DK district in Mangaluru. The house is located on Anegudde temple road in Tekkatte.

For the sake of medical attention to his cardiac complaints, he had gone to Bengaluru with other family members on Feb 2. When they returned home after treatment on Monday, Feb 21, two locks on the main entrance were found broken open.

Out of the three cupboards in the house, the miscreants used one to block neighbours’ view from outside. They broke open its locker and managed to find only Rs 5,000.

Since, even after rummaging the house all over, they did not find any other cash or valuables, they had to be content with whatever amount they got.

Those who were familiar with the interior of the house and were aware of their long absence are suspected to have been invoved in the act.

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