Kundapur: Fishing Boat Capsizes at Gangolli – All Four on Board Rescued

Kundapur: A boat by the name of Manjunath Kripa belonging to Susheela, which had sailed off the Gangolli port on Sunday morning, was hit by rough waves at mid-sea and sank around 6 am.

Four fishermen on board sustained injuries but they were rescued by the crew of another boat. The mishap occurred shortly after they had left the port.

The rescued men are Manjunath (43), son of Annappa of Gangolli, Prabhakar (28), son of Rama, Ishwar (28), son of Govinda of Tarapati in Uppunda and Panduranga (46), son of Rama of Gangolli.

They were admitted to a hospital in Kundapur where they are recovering. Since the boat has gone wholly under water, the loss has been estimated in several lakhs.

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