Kundapur: Impostor ‘Journalist’ Blackmailing and Threatening Uncle for Money Arrested

Kundapur: Pradeep Kharvi (25) of Uppunda, who had blackmailed his won uncle Annappa Kharvi (52) for money was arrested by the local police.

Pradeep is engaged in supplying labour to fishing boats. On July 4, posing as a journalist, he had phoned Annappa and claimed to have a video clipping which could defame him. He demanded that an amount of Rs 2 lakh had to be paid to a man arriving at a bakery on Monday.

On July 6, he is said to have made ten repeated calls, threatening that should he fail to pay his son would be killed. Annappa quietly reported the matter to the police.

He promised to pay the amount. As the young man who was to collect the money and hand over the CD containing the purported video clipping arrived at the bakery, he was nabbed by the police.

He revealed that Pradeep was in Manipal, from where he was arrested by the Kundapur police. A car used by the accused has also been seized.

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