Kundapur: Locals Assault Conductor for Misbehaving with Girl in Bus

Kundapur: Locals thrashed a bus conductor for allegedly misbehaving with a girl passenger in Sri Laxmi Bus at Koteshwar here on July 25.

Babu (27), a resident of Kokkarne, misbehaved with the girl in the bus.

It is learnt that the girl was travelling by Sri Laxmi bus plying towards Kokkarne from Kundapur. When the bus reached near Koteshwar, Babu molested the girl who was sitting on the window seat in the pretext of closing the window glass as it was raining outside.

As soon as the girl reached home she complained about it with her brother. The brother informed the locals about the incident. The locals along with the girl’s brother waited for the bus to return for the next trip to Koteshwar. When the bus arrived at Koteshwar the locals waylaid the bus and assaulted the conductor.

Traffic was blocked for sometime. The Kundapur police reached the spot and brought the situation under control. The Kundapur also took the conductor into their custody for investigation.

A case has been registered in Kundapur police station.

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