Kundapur: Oh ‘Deer’! Antelope’s Leap Causes Severe Injuries to Forest Watcher

Kundapur: There are several deer crossing spots in Siddapur reserve forest range in the taluk.

Normally, the deer cross the roads in their normal tempo. But when they spot humans, they have tendency to leap ahead out of fear or in self-defence.

About three years ago, a bike-rider had died in Amparu when a deer leapt on his motorbike. Over twenty bike-riders have been injured in similar incidents in the past years.

The number of deer and sambars has increased considerably in forests of Albadi, Ardi, Amparu, Shankaranarayana, Siddapur and their surroundings.

Basava Mogaveera, a forest watcher, has borne the effect of such an incident on Tuesday night. While he was returning home in Sauda riding his bike, a deer is said to have jumped over it at Airbail.

He was thrown to the road and sustained severe injuries in the head, back and limbs. The sole breadwinner of the family, he is left with only two years before retirement. He lies in an immobile state in the hospital.

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