Kundapur: Panchayat President Gets down into Well to Rescue Stranded Person!

Kundapur: In a rare incident of call of conscience and sense of civic duty, Nada panchayat president Praveen Kumar Shetty got into a well himself to save a person who had difficulty in coming up.

A seventy-plus ex-Serviceman from Hemmadi had got into the 40-ft-deep well of his farm to clear the silt at the bottom. Two neighbours were keeping guard by the side of the well.

They noticed that the senior man, after completing the mission, could not climb and had already slipped twice while making an effort to come up. The two men called others for help and also informed Praveen Kumar Shetty.

Shetty arrived at the spot and also got a rope and ladder brought from the panchayat office. The rope was lowered to the bottom of the well so as to reach the stranded person. Then Shetty tied a rope around his waist and got down into the well himself.

At half level, he got a ladder lowered to help the ex-Serviceman to climb up and thus he was saved. Many public-spirited local young men assisted in the operation.

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