Kundapur: Senapura Agriculturist Alleges Dire Threat over Repayment of Borrowal

Kundapur: Leslie Rebello, an agriculturist from Senapura near Gangolli in the taluk, had, in order to tide over a setback in farming and other business, reportedly borrowed a sum of Rs five lakh from Umesh Shetty, an acquaintance in 2013.

It was to be repaid in three months and Rebello had given three blank cheques of Karnataka Bank’s Kundapur branch as collateral for the borrowing. He could not however repay it within the agreed timeframe and had sought another year’s time.

Since the amount was not repaid even after a year, Umesh Shetty, joined by Vishwanath Shetty, Shashi and others, allegedly demanded of him on July 13 this year that he vacate his house.

They are said to have also threatened that should he fail to pay the amount, those staying in the house would be evicted and the house demolished with the help of hooligans. They also asked him to repay, besides the amount of Rs Rs five lakh, another amount of Rs 15 lakh by way of interest accrued, totalling Rs 20 lakh.

Rebello has filed a complaint in the Gangolli police station regarding the threat.

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