Kundapur: Vikas Bhandary and Priyanka Suvarna Crowned Mr and Miss Kundapura 2015

Kundapur: JCI Kundapur City in association with Coondapur.com organised Mr-Miss Kundapura 2015 at Lakshminarasimha Kalamandira, Junior College, Kundapurhere, on September 13.

The first round of this event was conducted online on a Facebook page and over 350 contestants took part in this round.

JCI_MR-MRS Kundapur-2015 13-09-2015 21-02-47 JCI_MR-MRS Kundapur-2015 13-09-2015 23-45-24 JCI_MR-MRS Kundapur-2015 13-09-2015 23-50-14 JCI_MR-MRS Kundapur-2015 14-09-2015 00-00-13

20 male and 20 female contestants with highest number of Facebook likes were selected for the final round while 11 male and 10 female contestants participated in the finals.

JCI_MR-MRS Kundapur-2015 13-09-2015 23-58-22 JCI_MR-MRS Kundapur-2015 14-09-2015 00-00-33 JCI_MR-MRS Kundapur-2015 14-09-2015 19-18-07 JCI_MR-MRS Kundapur-2015 14-09-2015 19-18-47

Mr-Miss Kundapura 2015 Results:

Mr Kundapura 2015 – Vikas Bhandary

1st Runner – Sandeep

2nd Runner – Suchan

Miss Kundapura 2015 – Priyanka Suvarna

1st Runner – Shilpa

2nd Runner – Prajvala

JCI_MR-MRS Kundapur-2015 14-09-2015 19-19-26 JCI_MR-MRS Kundapur-2015 14-09-2015 19-20-15 JCI_MR-MRS Kundapur-2015 14-09-2015 19-20-50 JCI_MR-MRS Kundapur-2015 14-09-2015 19-21-54

Music Director and ‘Gargarmandla’ Movie Director – Ravi Basrur and Miss Karnataka 1st Runner – Shrishti, were the judges for the event.

Zahir Ahamed, Mangalore; Sharath Kumar Shetty; Karthikeya Madyashta; JCI KundapurCity 2015 President Chandrakanth Channa, JCI Kundapur City’s Founder presidentHussain Haikady, Secretary K Nagesh Navada, Project director JC Manjunath Kamath,Coondapur.com’s team members, Goutham Navada, V Upendra Navada, SharathKumar, Shamanth and others were present. JC Raghavendra Charan Navadacompered the programme.


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