Kuwait: Installation of Idol in the premise of Indian Embassy is a threat to secular values – KIFF

Kuwait City: Installation of a Ganesh Idol in Indian Embassy premises by government authorities is a serious threat to our secular values and the diversity of the Indians living in Kuwait, said Kuwait India Fraternity Forum.

In recent times, the BJP-lead Indian government has been implementing communalism, hatred and saffronisation for political gains. The attitude of Indian Embassy Authorities has proved their commitment to serve its communal masters of RSS.

The Indian embassy which is supposed to be the server of Indian citizens living abroad is actually harming them by providing room for anti-socialist outfits like RSS and its expat organizations, which are a clear threat to the nation and its people. Such move from a diplomatic mission shall create mistrust among the citizens who live in Kuwait.

The Embassy should restrain from such acts, said KIFF in its press release.

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