Kuwait: KPA Celebrates Monti Fest in Hawally

Kuwait: The Kuwait Pangla Association (KPA) celebrated the Nativity of our Blessed Virgin Mary, also known as Monti Fest in Konkani, on 11 September, 2015 at Avanti Palace Restaurant in Hawally, Kuwait. Monti Fest is a festival celebrated by all Mangalorean Catholics on September 8. Monti Fest was started by Monte Mariano Church at Farangipet in South Canara and was initiated by Goan Catholic priest Joachim Miranda in 1763.

Roshan Martis and Albert Quadras, who compered this program, began it with a welcome to all the Pangla members. This was followed with opening prayer by George D’Souza and the Gospel reading by Joslin D’Souza and Pramila Monis. Kuwait Pangla President, Rashmi D’Mello welcomed the gathering and officially started the celebration.

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The statue of Mother Mary was decorated with beautiful flowers. Master Adiel Monis delivered a message on Monti fest. All the children were given a plate of flowers to offer to our beloved heavenly Mother while others sang hymns of praise for Mother Mary. It was the best moment of the program. Children were then given a piece of sugarcane and sweets as a symbol emulating the Monti Fest celebrations in Mangaluru.

The newly wedded couple, Avinash and Seema Mathias, brought the blessed new crop (rice grains) and as the tradition, this was received by the head of the family of a visiting Pangla parishioner, Eliza Rodrigues who offered it to Mother Mary. As a tradition, the new crop was added to milk and served to everyone.

Henry Martis, a senior member delivered the festive message. He emphasized on the life of Mother Mary and her importance in our lives.

The programme proceeded with two dances performed by Viola Martis and Alvisha Noronha on Bollywood numbers. There were loads of games conducted for children and adults by Blen D’Souza and Mario Wilson with the help of Kishore D’Mello for the music.

A mouthwatering traditional vegetarian food along with Payasam (Vorn) was served on banana leafs. It was a great fun filled day to all members and families who attended this celebration.

A ‘housie housie’ game was conducted for all the members. The prizes were distributed by Vivian Rodrigues and the vote of thanks was delivered by Roshan Quadras to all who helped in making this program successful.

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