Land Trades Celebrate 1st Anniversary of Mauriskha Palace

Land Trades Celebrate 1st Anniversary of Mauriskha Palace

Mangalore: Land Trades celebrated the first anniversary of Mauriskha Palace, at its premises here on May 29.

The president of Mauriskha Palace owners association, Poornima Salian welcomed the gathering. Chairman of Land Trades Srinath Hebbar greeted the guests with bouquets. The programme was inaugurated by the dignitaries by lighting the traditional lamp. A cake was cut to mark the first anniversary of Mauriskha Palace. Member of the association Walter Pereira released the souvenir cups which were gifted by Hebbar to the residents of Mauriskha Palace.

image010muariskha-palace-20160529-010 image001muariskha-palace-20160529-001 image002muariskha-palace-20160529-002 image003muariskha-palace-20160529-003 image004muariskha-palace-20160529-004 image005muariskha-palace-20160529-005 image006muariskha-palace-20160529-006Speaking on the occasion Srinath Hebbar said “Every joy we feel is a celebration of life. As we celebrate the completion of one year of Maurishka Palace, I feel a great sense of joy in sharing these precious moments with you. A child’s first birthday is always special. Maurishka Palace is our little baby, it is a project close to my heart, it is a project that has brought name and fame to Land Trades and has helped to establish us as a leading player in the real estate in Mangaluru. It is also our largest project to date and a noted landmark of the city. This achievement has been possible only because of the trust and support of our customers.”

image011muariskha-palace-20160529-011 image012muariskha-palace-20160529-012 image013muariskha-palace-20160529-013 image014muariskha-palace-20160529-014 image015muariskha-palace-20160529-015image016muariskha-palace-20160529-016 image017muariskha-palace-20160529-017 image018muariskha-palace-20160529-018 image019muariskha-palace-20160529-019 image016muariskha-palace-20160529-016 image019muariskha-palace-20160529-019

Hebbar thanked the residents of Maurishka Palace for extending their co-operation when the project was facing difficult times and wished the residents a lifetime of joy and happy living.

Expressing great pleasure, resident Walter Pereira thanked Hebbar for his dedication and commitment towards his customers and hoped for fellowship and friendship to grow and strengthen between residents in the years to come.

image020muariskha-palace-20160529-020 image021muariskha-palace-20160529-021 image022muariskha-palace-20160529-022 image023muariskha-palace-20160529-023 image024muariskha-palace-20160529-024 image025muariskha-palace-20160529-025 image026muariskha-palace-20160529-026 image027muariskha-palace-20160529-027 image028muariskha-palace-20160529-028 image029muariskha-palace-20160529-029

Sunitha Furtado announced the names of winners of various competitions. Dennis Rodrigues delivered the vote of thanks. A cultural programme was also organized for the residents.

Manohar Prasad compered the programme.

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