Land Trades Launches ‘Milestone 25’ at Balmatta

Land Trades Launches ‘Milestone 25’ at Balmatta

Mangaluru: To mark the silver Jubilee of Land Trades Builders and Developers, an Ultra Modern commercial complex, ‘Milestone 25’ was launched at the old Vas Bakery / Indra Bhavan Premises, Balmatta, here on July 14.


The religious head of Kadri Temple Shanker Bhat performed the Puja.  The Chairman of Land Trades Srinath Hebbar along with other dignitaries symbolically launched the project by unveiling the brochures of the project.

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Speaking to Srinath Hebbar said that the project  ‘Milestone 25’ will be completed in 18 months.  It is a unique commercial project with imaginative design and distinctive architecture.  The ‘Milestone 25’, comprises of ground floor plus four floors. Three levels have been reserved in the basement for a spacious car parking. There are two automatic lifts, and a standby heavy duty power generator too. MFAR Constructions, a trusted name in the field of construction has been assigned for the project.  The structural work will be done by Bengaluru-based company Anagha Engineering Consultants. The location is in the heart of the city near Collecter’s gate and the best place for Business.

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Former Mayor Sashidhar Hegde, Corporator Lancelot Pinto, Ashok D, Srikar Prabhu, Manohar Prasad and others were also present.

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