Landslide at Kongoor, Narrow Escape for Excavator Operator

Landslide at Kongoor, Narrow Escape for excavator Operator

Mangaluru: A tragedy was averted during a landslide at Kongoor, Kulshekar here, on July 16.

image001railway-tunnel-konguru-landslide-20160716-001 image002railway-tunnel-konguru-landslide-20160716-002

An excavator that was being used for the railway tunnel work and its operator narrowly escaped from falling down to a depth of about 20 meters. Due to the landslide, the excavator is now hanging in the balance. Efforts are on by Railway Department officials to safely retrieve the excavator.

image004railway-tunnel-konguru-landslide-20160716-004 image005railway-tunnel-konguru-landslide-20160716-005 image006railway-tunnel-konguru-landslide-20160716-006 image007railway-tunnel-konguru-landslide-20160716-007 image008railway-tunnel-konguru-landslide-20160716-008 image009railway-tunnel-konguru-landslide-20160716-009 image010railway-tunnel-konguru-landslide-20160716-010 image011railway-tunnel-konguru-landslide-20160716-011 image012railway-tunnel-konguru-landslide-20160716-012 image013railway-tunnel-konguru-landslide-20160716-013 image014railway-tunnel-konguru-landslide-20160716-014 image015railway-tunnel-konguru-landslide-20160716-015

Speaking to, one of the engineers who was on the site said that work related to the railway tunnel was under progress during the incident. “When we were working on the site, a landslide occurred. This may be due to the heavy rains throughout the night causing the mud to loosen.”

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