L&E Global partners with RDA Legal in India

New Delhi, July 21 (IANS) Full-service law firm RDA Legal on Tuesday reported that it has been chosen as the exclusive partner by L&E Global for its operations in the Indian market.

“The prospect of being a part of this network not only solidifies our position nationally as a leader in employment laws but also provides us significant global exposure,” said Avik Biswas, partner with RDA Legal.

L&E Global is one of the largest employment law networks in the world dealing with issues related to workplace laws across the globe.

According to the firm, there is a growing demand for expert advisory in employment laws due to an exponential rise in foreign investments and opening of multinational corporations offices in India.

The company pointed out that it is one of the very few firms in the country with a stand-alone employment law team which partners with in-house legal counsel as well as HR departments of companies.

“It is vital for L&E Global to have an excellent team in India that can advise multinational corporations on all employment law matters. RDA Legal gives us that team,” said Stephan Swinkels, executive director and member of the board of L&E Global.


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