Like to maintain clean image: MLTR

Kolkata, Dec 16 (IANS) Danish soft rock/pop band Michael Learns To Rock (MLTR) believes in a “clean image” and make sure their music stands out.

Addressing a media meet on the eve of their performance in the city, members of the famed band said they don’t have to resort to histrionics to grab attention as their genre of music was enough to hog the limelight.

The three-member band consisting of drummer Kare Wanscher, singer-keyboard player Jascha Richter and guitarist Mikkel Lentz will perform in the city on Thursday.

“We don’t have to walk around naked to get attention in premieres. Our music gets the attention,” Lentz told the media.

The trio, all aged over 40, takes care not to trigger any scandal during their gigs and launches.

“We still have a clean image and we try not to do any scandals. We like to maintain that,” Wanscher said.

Describing themselves as regular guys with family, MLTR believes it doesn’t have to evolve much musically.

“We are not part of current trends. The music which is trending here today is not here in two three years. No one else is doing our kind of music. Few years ago Westlife and Backstreet Boys were doing some. We have been here for 25 years and I guess our music doesn’t have to evolve,” quipped Richter.


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