Lily James struggles with colour coordinating

Lily James struggles with colour coordinating

Los Angeles, Aug 26 (IANS) Actress Lily James has “struggled” with colour coordinating her outfits and regularly calls on her personal stylist to ensure her ensemble isn’t a total disaster.


“I’d describe my style as effortless and in-flux. I’m still discovering what I like. I think I have got better but I really struggle with simple colour coordination. I send her (Rebecca) a little WhatsApp messages asking; ‘Is this a disaster?’,” James told Metro newspaper, reports

The “Cinderella” star has shared that she used to shop in high street brands, but is now wearing garments from designer brands, which has opened a “whole new world of fashion” up to her.

“Suddenly I have all these designers who want to work with me and it’s opened up a whole new world of fashion. It’s mind blowing. You see these dresses and they’re just … I’d never seen fashion like that. I always just got clothes from the high street,” she added.

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