Lot of potential, scope in India: Sabu Cyril

New Delhi, Oct 19 (IANS) Sabu Cyril, the production designer of S.S Rajamouli’s magnum opus “Baahubali”, believes Indian filmmakers should up the ante and try to deliver quality work “even within the limits”.

“It’s high time we stop saying that India doesn’t cater to certain things, or we don’t have the money. But even within the money, within the limits we can aim to do our best,” Cyril told IANS.

He added that the success of “Baahubali” is an indicator that there is a lot of “potential and scope to do whatever we want to do”.

“The market is so big. Foreigners and people outside India know that. Only we people living in India don’t believe in ourselves and say that we want to go abroad,” he said.

The National Award-winning film art director also reflected on the “brain drain”, due to which talented people have left for foreign shores in search of greener pastures.

“Most talented people are going abroad, the brain drain is happening because they don’t get the opportunity here. We need much more people coming here, having more confidence that people living in India can do a better job,” he said.

Talking about the next instalment of “Baahubali”, Cyril said that the location for the shoot has been finalised, but didn’t divulge much details.

“We won’t let fans down, producers and director have taken a call, we will do it much better than the first film,” he said about the film, while adding “can’t promise anything, but there will be a surprise.”

Cyril was also announced as the set designer for the forthcoming 46th International Film Festival of India (IFFI), which will be held in Goa in November.

“The project came my way and I thought I will do it. It’s quite challenging.

“The whole ambiance has been kept according to the mood of the festival. Hope I have strike a right chord with people the right way,” he said about his involvement with the festival.

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