I Love to sit beside her and lie

I Love to Sit Beside Her and Lie

The mystery in my life
Screaming up within what to say
The better that I have seen reality
which I have lost walking on my way

I feel dream and desire inside me are false
She is the one who belongs to my every dream
She is the one who can give me everything I desire


Freedom and passion that I feel of her name
Sunshine shows me the illusion of her name
I lose my gravity by her ignorance and that’s my agony

I love to sit beside her and lie
Sweeter was my life, Bitter now with her denial
She belongs to the every letter I have written
She is the reason behind the first line of my song

I lied ’cause I couldn’t deal with my desperate for love
But never I cheated, to cheat her is like blasphemy
I’m tired of mystery in life, If she did not return
Except this paper, let the whole world burn

by: Mohammed Mohsien, from Mangaluru is employed at SABIC HQ, as Risk Assessment staff Royal Commission, Jubail – KSA