Luke Bryan’s weird rule for fans

Luke Bryan’s weird rule for fans

Los Angeles, Sep 29 (IANS) Singer Luke Bryan says he has a “do not touch my b**t” rule for his fans as several times during meet and greets after his shows, a lot of his fans have tried to touch his derriere.

“We do a lot of meet and greets after every show for the love of fans and we had to keep a rule that no one can touch our b***s,” Bryan said on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show”, read a statement.

“It’s funny because early in your career you can’t tell your fans to not come close to you so you let them get away with a lot of kisses on the cheek and some of them go like, can I grab your b**t?” he added.

DeGeneres commented: “I don’t believe fans ask you that, so maybe you should just make your fans happy.”

The episode of “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” featuring Bryan will be aired on Thursday in India on Romedy NOW.

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