Madikeri: After Eluding Professional Catchers for 4 Days, Crocodile Dies in Pond

Madikeri: A huge crocodile of about six years of age and three metres in length had got into the Basike coffee estates near Titimati in the district about two months ago.


It kept preying on fish in the ponds and kept crawling from one water body to the other in adjacent coffee estates. Its erratic movement kept the passersby in fear for some time.

Last week it got into a pond of an expanse of an acre in the estate belonging to Ravindra. He had kept about 15,000 fishes for breeding in water. The entire collection was gobbled up by the crocodile.

On receiving a complaint from the owners, forest officials called for professional catchers and fishermen from Hunsur to capture it.

Even though they waited for the crocodile for four days, it failed to show up. When Ravindra went to check the pond around the weekend, it was found dead and floating in water.

It was the opinion of the forest personnel that the crocodile was scared to come out because of the human presence and might have choked to death in water. When pulled out and checked, its weight was 48 kgs.

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