Madikeri: Woman Bitten by Snake Carries it to Hospital to Show as Specimen

Madikeri: It is the opinion of snake experts and medical professionals that most of the reptiles are non-poisonous and also harmless. They respond to only threat perceptions and attack in self-defence, according to them.

It has also been proved that persons bitten by snake die more out of scare and tension rather than the venomous effects of the bite. In this age, when even townsfolk shudder at the look of a small spider or a bee, a woman from Avaregunda village near Siddapur showed remarkable common sense and presence of mind when bitten by a snake.

Parvati, a coffee estate worker, was stung by an unidentified snake while at work earlier this week. She did not get unnerved by the incident. Somehow she remembered that the doctors could treat such victims better if the species of the reptile was known.

Hence she took great trouble in capturing the snake that bit her, put it in a polythene bag and made a dash to the Siddapur hospital for treatment.

The doctors, studying the first-hand ‘evidence’ brought by her, found the job easier. They identified the snake and administered an appropriate medicinal course.

Parvati is currently recovering in the hospital. The doctors wished that victims like her also showed courage in staying stable and unfazed in crisis situations.

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