Make Bodo medium of instruction in Bodoland: Assam governor

Guwahati, Aug 24 (IANS) Assam Governor P.B. Acharya on Monday expressed concern over the state government not living up to its promise of making Bodo the medium of instruction in Bodoland.

“Governor P.B. Acharya is concerned about the Bodo Sahitya Sabha’s grievance that the government has not lived up to its promise in making Bodo the medium of instruction in Bodoland,” an official statement said.

Acharya said the state government should initiate steps to fulfill its promise and accede to the long standing demand of the Bodo people.

“Reacting to a recent news item in a local daily on the demand for Bodo language as the medium of instruction in Bodoland, the governor said that as the mother tongue of the Bodo people is Bodo, the demand for making the Bodo language the medium of instruction in Bodoland is a legitimate demand,” the statement said.

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