Man and Nature

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""Name: Ronak Pereira
Date of Birth: 29/05/92
Father?s Name: Joseph Pereira
Mother Name: Violet Pereira
Native Place: Mangalore, Karnataka
School: St. Theresa?s School, (I.C.S.E. Board), Mangalore
Hi, my name is Ronak. I?m a Class X student studying at St. Theresa?s School, Mangalore. My hobbies are playing football and cricket.  When I get free time  I scribble on papers. My mom encourages me a lot in everything I do.

Man and Nature
Oh! Man. What have thou done to the world.
Why got we, these curious minds,
That destroys its own origin.
That being polluted, pollutes everything around.
That creates weapons, to destroy thy own kind.
Of what use are the minds of men?
That be, intelligent or dumb;
Which, realize not the importance of Mother Nature.
What use thy inventions?
What good thy creations?
If know thy not,
To preserve the world that ye got;
To control thou progress;
To save thou forests;
To chose the right path.
What use! What use!
Being a slave to thy creations,
Ye gave into pleasure;
Ye destroyed other kinds;
Ye destroyed thy life-saver (the ozone);
Ye destroyed thy nature;
Ye forgot what thou are;
Ye destroyed thy own cause;
Ye created blindly, thy own cenotaph.
~Ronak A. J. Pereira

Author: Ronak Pereira- Mangalore

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