Man Shares ATM card details, Loses Rs 2.17 lakh

Man Shares ATM card details, Loses Rs 2.17 lakh

Karkala: A man shared his ATM card details with an unknown caller and lost Rs 2,17,360 from his Canara Bank account in Banglegudde, Karkala Taluk.

On September 12, Girish Vitlachar (42), a resident of Banglegudde, Karkala got a call from K S Sharma who inquired about the housing loan. K S Sharma also asked about the bank transactions and said that there was very less balance in the account, he also inquired about where he was working and to which account his salary was being credited. The caller also informed that his credit card would expire soon and would be blocked. Girish believed that the caller was from the bank and revealed the numbers of his credit card.

On September 20, the house loan he had applied was sanctioned and the money was credited to Girish’s Account. On September 22, Girish went to the bank to update his passbook to check the balance in his account. To his shock, he found that the balance amount in his account was only Rs 10,599. When Girish checked with the bank manager about the loan amount, they came to know that someone had purchased things online using Girish’s ATM card number on September 20, and purchased goods worth Rs 35,700, on September 21, purchase of Rs 96,480 was done and on September 22, again a purchase of goods worth Rs 85,480 was done. The caller had introduced himself as the divisional manager of Canara bank and taken the ATM card number.

In this connection, a complaint has been registered in the Karkala Town police station.

Banks have been warning customers not to share their ATM card details with anyone who calls them on the phone as any of the banks does not insist on sharing any information through the phone. In spite of this information being relayed to the customers regularly, there are still people who fall prey to such tricks.

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