Mangalore: Are We Really Free In India? I Don’t Think So…

Yes it’s 15th August, time to celebrate Independence Day. I suddenly see the TV channels, radio stations and even the magazines and the newspapers off loading information about Independence day, freedom and patriotism, they reinforce the fact that each one of us should really take pride in the fact that we are a free country. I just wonder, how short is the public memory or is it just me who feels in a country where every second day there is a case of honour killing, caste discrimination and words scheduled caste and dalits are still a common parlance, what freedom are really talking about.

If i forget the larger picture, even after 68 yrs of independence I don’t feel like stepping out of the house alone after it gets dark, what freedom are we talking about, when there is a rape happening every 10 minutes somewhere in the country, why are we even celebrating this freedom? Are we really free in India?? I don’t think so we are free at all, especially for a woman in this country being free is an after thought as there are too many things that is still keeping women in dark, But on a contrary note also people here are free to indulge in as much bribery & corruption, as one likes. There, the words Dalits, caste, religion etc. don’t mean anything. You can even commit murder & get away with it.

There are various unpleasant things going on all over the country and there is an upward trend in this unproductive activities indulged mostly by a handful of people.Sad thing is people concerned are taking their own sweet time to punish the guilty or to take preventive action for various reasons. Barring the inordinate delay in taking corrective action we are very much free in India. We should put an immediate end to all these things pulling us down. Freedom as a concept is present as constraints are inherent and unshackling oneself from the constraints lead to freedom. However, this is bound by various laws, culture, current environment and political, moral and economical situation of the nation. This situation is similar in all the countries and the only differentiation being the extent of freedom. We need to enact stronger laws and policies and ensure the enforcement of these regulations so that the freedom in the country improves to the level of freedom as perceived by members in other countries….

Before Independence it was British people who exploited us. But now it is corrupted politicians, Rowdies, Gundas exploiting India. Where ever you go in India there it is full of corruptions, Gundagiri, Rowdyism. Right from peon to collector we have to bribe to get our works done. People can not live happily because of these problems. Our Gandhis & nethas removed the foreign weeds of British. But it is very difficult to remove the native weeds of corrupted people. Gandhiji had said then “when a woman walks on the road alone in the mid night safely, then only India get full freedom.

I generally do not participate in Independence Day celebration, because that day reminds me of the sacrifices made and of their unfulfilled dreams by our soldiers. I want to salute them and to beg pardon for not fulfilling their dreams, the work which they shouldered to us. Who says we are free? We are still governed by British Ghosts! The faces have changed but the situation is even worse. Some people are still looting our nation, may be they are still working for our invaders. But where is the solution? We are so engrossed in our lives that we have forgotten about our mother land. The discussion will not change our fate, for that dedicated action is needed.

Yes there should be stringent law enforcement against misdeeds with ladies which is not happening and this must happen and lets become the change factor through too step and other means to highlight the issue so that proper actions be initiated by Govt. of India. Many of us don’t know the real meaning of independence, because we are enjoying the fruits of painful struggle of our forefathers. Its a vague term for us. If the machinery fails to protect its people, it has nothing to do with the independence. Our words are louder than our action & we see a mere improvement if compare to any relevant incident of past.

Freedom and peace are staying in body guards pocket and gun.This is the worst condition of total mankind that super developed culture society is crashed by uneducated,unqualified and unauthorised persons of party politician.They have only aim to get money from public. Lack of UNITY is the single problem for our country whether we are talking about before independence or after.

In today’s time the Common Man is become DISPOSABLE. The only change one can see is, Innocent people becoming murderers, thieves and killers thanks to the Corrupt system. TOP to BOTTOM. In today’s INDIA with Truth you can’t even light a match stick, let alone brighten other peoples life. It is not just a woman being able to go out of the house in the night. There are many bad things happening during broad day light. Corruption, Red tapism, Exploiting weak by strong, exploitation of poor by rich, farmers by Industrialists and vice versa. The list goes on unending. I am living in State of Karnataka which is known to be most tolerant state.

It is here that we see brainless administration by Government, corruption by Politicians, laziness of farmers to the core, labour being most unproductive in whatever they do when they are working for others. We have useless welfare schemes like ESI etc., where we have to cough up money or contribution as per statute in respect of employees against a back drop of no ESI hospital in the vicinity of 25 Km and even if it is there, service is of third class; suddenly the Government takes some action without consulting Industrialists even if such decision affects Industrialists drastically so much so they have to shut down their factories and pay very poor taxes and duties to exchequering Are the decisions being made after due consideration of impact on the revenues to Government? Do they know that they have to pay Salaries to Govt. employees by end of every month?

All this clearly shows that there is no freedom. Whatever decision is taken by Government is unilateral and for private advantages. The officers concerned have no respect for good governance and upkeep of law and order. The accused can commit any kind of sins and escape by giving favours to the law up keepers and Bureaucrats to guard the revenues of Government. This is in short today’s Independent India and particularly Karnataka.

Though we say that we are free in India but the fact is just opposite. This is a sorry state of affair of our country and primarily our leaders are responsible for this. These law makers have done all damages for their personal and political benefits. At this stage , it becomes duty of we people to start a movement to change this sorry picture.

By : Cheryl Fernandes, Bangalore ( with inputs from Alfie D’Souza, Team Mangalorean)

Author: Cheryl Fernandes- Bangalore