Mangalorean Dot Com: Yours, Mine and Ours

…And one day someone said “let there be a website to bring Mangaloreans, the world over together” and there was Mangalorean dot com.   The site was created with a vision of providing a platform for all those Mangaloreans who have had to settle elsewhere in the world (for various reasons) to keep in touch with those few lucky ones still staying on in Mangalore and the ambience of Mangalore itself. For a lot of true blue Mangaloreans like myself it is very difficult to stay away from Mangalore and not feel the yearning ever so frequently.  And this site has spared no effort to try and fill that void.  The idea has worked so well, today the website is celebrating its Third anniversary and it is going from strength to strength.  Goooooooooooo Team 

Like every other progressive idea, has successfully tried to incorporate various other facets to it:  There is NEWS, there are Views and most of all there is interaction.  Interaction that makes you feel ONE with the site.  Mangalorean dot com is not a special invention that the world would have never seen before but what makes it very likeable is the sense of belonging.  One is always made to feel that this is my very own website. There is always a ready reply from the team no matter what your question or request is.  The dedication and relentless work from the team is really worth appreciating.  Kudos!

To have so many well-wishers tune into the website shows how well it has gone down with the people.  Of late I have also observed a lot of non-Mangaloreans (may I use that term?) signing up with the website which speaks volumes for the sites popularity.   There is room for everyone here; the team is ready to encourage talent, no matter how little it is.  It gives you a sense of pride to have your work seen by so many people around the world.   These are the little things that make a HUGE difference to your confidence and LIFE itself.  I have got to read so much great material out here that it makes you want to do better all the time and makes you wonder how much talent there is in the community.  Thank you for giving us an opportunity to publish materials and also to read materials.

…For a lot of true blue Mangaloreans like myself it is very difficult to stay away from Mangalore ….

This is a site that is so approachable that you want to be an instant part of it.  I am a proud Mangalorean and even prouder Mangalorean dotcommer.  You tune into Mangalorean dot com for anything and it is there.  The site is abreast with the times and spares no effort to get exclusive.  Great, great, great work people; my good wishes as I am sure the good wishes of other loyal Mangalorean dotcommers are always with you.  May you move onwards and upwards from here.   Keep the faith and keep the love. 

Author: Rashmi Diana- india