Mangaluru: 1125 cases Filed against Helmet Rule Violators, Rs 1.13 Lakh fine Collected

Mangaluru: The city police started to impose penalty on two-wheeler riders for violating the new helmet rule which has been made mandatory for the pillion riders as well from February 1.

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According to the government rules, banners were erected throughout the district, and wearing helmet for the rider as well as the pillion was made mandatory from February 1. Awareness programmes and rallies were held throughout the district.

On February 1, the district police filed 1125 cases against two wheeler riders who were found violating the new rule and collected a fine of Rs 1,13, 900/.

SP Dr Sharanappa in a press release has informed that the campaign will continue and traffic rule violators will be penalized.

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  1. First give good roads and basic infrastructure. just by giving fines and looting public u gain nothing.
    police men making money. bribe

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