Mangaluru: 20-year-old Luqman Missing after Boat capsizes in River Netravati

Mangaluru: A 20-year-old youth went missing when a sand carrying boat capsized in the River Netravati near Pavoor here, on July 29.

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The missing person has been identified as Luqman (20), a resident of Harekala. According to the police, Luqman along with his uncles Tanzil, Aziz and Badruddin and brother-in-law Salim, went to extract sand. After filling the boat with sand, they were returning back. Due to heavy winds, the boat capsized and all the five fell into the water.

Iqbal who was on the river bank noticed the boat and its occupants drowning. He immediately got into action and rescued Tanzil, Aziz and Badruddin while Salim swam to safety.

The Fire Brigade and the Konaje police arrived at the spot. Luqman is missing and the search for him is on.

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