Mangaluru: 23-year-old woman from Bhatkal Dies of Dengue

Mangaluru: 23-year-old Fathima, wife of Sawood, a native of Bhatkal, succumbed to dengue at Athena Hospital here, on June 15.

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Speaking to, Sawood, who is working in Bengaluru, said, “On June 4, my wife Fathima came from Bengaluru after staying with me for 45 days. On June 5, she was admitted to a private hospital in Bhatkal due to fever. But her fever, did not subside. As I was in Bengaluru, I used to call her everyday to enquire about her health. On June 12, she was shifted to Athena hospital in Mangaluru. On the night of June 14, I called her and spoke to her on the phone for half an hour. At 11:00 pm, her health deteriorated and she was shifted to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

Speaking to, the Nursing Superintendent said, “Fathima was admitted to our hospital on June 12 with the complain of fever. After the blood test, we received her report on June 13 as NS1 AG Dengue positive. On the night of June 14, at around 11 pm, her condition deteriorated and she was immediately shifted to the medical intensive care unit and put on ventilator. But, she breathed her last on June 15 at around 6:30 pm.

There are a number of people admitted in various hospitals with dengue and the disease continues to claim lives in the city. has informed the Health and Family Welfare minister U T Khader about the death of the woman at Athena hospital due to dengue.

The body has been taken to Bhatkal for the final rites. Sawood was married to Fathima 5 years ago. He works in Bengaluru.

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