Mangaluru: A J Hospital announces 25% discount on health check-up packages

Mangaluru: Today’s lifestyle and food habit is affecting our health and the environmental pollution is adding to the problem.

“Prevention is better than cure”. The advanced technology and tests available in medical world help assess and detect many a life threatening diseases at an early stage. Early detection is the key to cure and also keeps the financial burden under check. The health check-up packages offered at A J Hospital help interpret signals, giving opportunity for early detection.

Cancer is a huge risk and threat to most of us today. It is important to go in for regular screening, especially after the age of 40. For women, it is all the more important as they are prone to varied forms of cancer. Heart ailments are on the rise and age is no bar. Preventive screening at regular intervals is essential.

In its efforts to popularize the concept of positive lifestyle through preventive health check-up, A J Hospital is offering a special discount of 25% on the standard health check-up packages available for a period of one month from 1 June 2015.

Prior to the health check-up, 8 to 12 hours overnight fasting and abstinence from alcohol is essential.

For further details / appointments please contact 0824 6613165 between 8.00am and 5.00pm or email:

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