Mangaluru: Abduction of Kelarai Resident – Main Accused Arrested in Shivamogga

Mangaluru: Akshay, a resident of Kelarai in Neermarga, was allegedly abducted by a gang of three on Feb 23 morning and forcibly taken to Sultan Battery.

He was kept in confinement, stripped and assaulted. They also relieved him of his mobile phone and cash. A case in this matter had been registered at the rural police station in Maroli.

Two of the accused were subsequently arrested. The main accused, Jayaprakash aka ‘JP’ of Boloor was at large. The CCB police arrested him from Shivamogga late last week and brought him to Mangaluru.

On investigations, he was also found to have been involved in the case of murder attempt on Dinaraj registered at Barke station and the case of assault and threat to Durgesh in 2010.

He has been handed over to the rural police for further proceedings.

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