Mangaluru: ACSA Demands Arrest of Warden in Noel Mendonsa Suicide case

Mangaluru: The All College Students Association (ACSA) staged a protest in front of the main entrance of St Aloysius College here, on October 3.

Addressing the protesters, the city president of ACSA Shailesh said that before committing suicide, Noel had written a death note and showed it to his classmates and said that he will leave it in his room. When Noel had showed the death note, other students who saw it, did not take it seriously. But when they received the news of Noel’s suicide, they were shocked.

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Shailesh further alleged that in the death note, Noel had mentioned that the warden was torturing him. Noel had informed the director about the harassment by the warden and the director had warned the warden is this regard. Angered by the complaint to the director, the warden threatened to put Noel out of the hostel as well as from the college. On September 30, the principal of the college was not present in the college and the mobile number of the warden was also switched off. Shailesh demanded the arrest of the warden and firm action to be taken against him. The protesters also demanded to know the reason for the extreme step taken by Noel, as the death note has also been missing. “The police should investigate the case thoroughly and give justice to the family who have lost their son,” Shailesh added.

Shailesh also said that the students who have participated in the protest were threatened by the college authorities of not being issued hall tickets. “The protest was video recorded by them. ACSA demands justice for all the students since St Aloysius College students have rightly protested for justice to their college mate. If the college authorities will not issue hall tickets to the students, in the coming days ASCA will intensify their protest,” he said.

ACSA district PUC convenor Rakshith, All College Media Secretary Vivek, ACSA Treasurer Araf, organizing secretary Suhas and others were also present.

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  1. ACSA or ABVP just creating problems. See the happiness on the face of students as they got to bunk the classes in the name of protest. These are not fit to join this prestigious institution. They are just tarnishing the image of this great institutuion.

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