Mangaluru: Alert Staffer Sounds Siren and Averts Robbery in Muthoottu Mini Finance

Mangaluru: A gang of five robbers entered the premises of Muthoottu Mini Financiers (P) Ltd in Kulai on Saturday morning.

They flashed revolvers and threatened the staff and customers. A woman employee, showing remarkable presence of mind in a moment of emergency, is said to have triggered the alarm siren.

At the sound of it, the robbers ran away from the premises. In their attempt, one or two of them are said to have left their footwear behind. They escaped in Omni car in which they had arrived.

They had parked their car on the other side of the dual carriage way with an idea of making a chase difficult and time-consuming.

The staffers said that some of the robbers had visited the premises on the pretext of enquiring about the terms of borrowals. They are said to have used the occasion to study the inside picture.

Senior police officials have visited the spot and held investigations. More details are awaited. The CCTV footage is said have captured the movements of the robbers.

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