Mangaluru: Attempt with Swords on the Life of Restaurant Employee on M G Road

Mangaluru: Is the city turning into a ‘Sword Raj’? Going by the incidents
that have taken place in the past few days, one is led into believing so.

A gang of six waylaid and assaulted Kirtesh, employed as cashier in Amazon restaurant in Empire Mall on M G Road. He was on his way home after getting the eatery locked and was getting into the road from the parking lot late Tuesday night around 12-30.

Of the six in the gang, Latish hit him on the hand. Another, identified as Siddarth aka Alake Siddu tried to hack Kirtesh on his neck. Since he stopped Latish, he got hit in the hand.

On hearing the commotion, Mithun Rai, the owner of the restaurant and others came to the spot. By then, the culprits had escaped.

The culprits are said to have come drunk to the restaurant once ealrier and Kirtesh had objected to it. Hence this is suspected to be a revenge attack.

A case has been registered in the Barke police station.

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  1. Dear readers,

    We use to hear these incident from UP and Bihar. Now Mangalore is turning to be ‘Bihar’ instead of ‘Smart city’.

    Thanks to incompetent politicians and intelligent voters of the district.The complicity of police and politician nexus is the root problem of rise of criminalisation.

    It is time to investigate the 60% RSS volunteers serving in Police force by ‘Juliet’ undercover investigation.

    Ab ki baar Modi sarkar, Mangalore me hoga Nagpur raj.

    Jai hind

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