Mangaluru: Autorickshaw Rolls over at City Centre Mall Ramp – Woman Dies, Another Injured

Mangaluru: A ramp erected by the promoters of the City Centre mall in the heart of the city creating a shortcut between K R Rao road and the Light-house Hill a few years ago, has indeed a boon to motorists and pedestrians. A lot of pressure of traffic at the Hampankatta signal junction has been reduced.

Similarly, a lot of distance between K S Rao Road and the Light-house hill has been cut down. But nowadays, since it is a privately built access road, there are so safeguards like humps and police monitoring etc.

Many vehicles taking a turn from the Light-house through the Lobo Prabhu Court lane towards the City Centre and down the ramp move around at high speed and also endanger other vehicles and lives of pedestrians like St Aloysius students.

Many autorickshaws tend to ply at a high speed down the ramp. An unfortunate ncident brought the hazards on this stretch to the fore on Wednesday morning. Pushpalata and Vishmita from Bengare were travelling in auto plying down the ramp.

The driver appeared to have driven it fast. He lost control over it and the vehicle rolled over and crashed into the compound pillar of the mall.

Pushpalata sustained critical injuries in the head and face. Vishmita had injuries in the left hand and a fracture in her leg.

Both were rushed to a hospital. Pushpalata succumbed to the injuries.

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  1. This is something which was expected to happen. Last year, dometime in December, the residents of Lobo Prabhu Court and the nearby houses had called Mr J R Lobo and the corporator on the scene and expressed their difficulties, specially of the fast moving traffic and the lack of pavements. But as usual, there were only promises and its almost a year. How many more lives have to be sacrificied before the people in power open their eyes to the woes of the common men.

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