Mangaluru: Bag with Cash Snatched from Car by Diverting Owner’s Attention

Mangaluru: A man who had just drawn cash from a bank on Nellikai road here lost the entire amount to a conman around 11-30 am on Monday.

Adid Ansar had drawn Rs 50,000 from the branch of Canara Bank in Al Rahba complex and got into his car parked by the side of the road.

After he placed the bag containing the amount on the rear seat and was about to move the car, a stranger is said to have thrown around a few notes of Rs 10 near the vehicle and tapped the window-pane of the car signalling the owner that some money of had fallen around.

At first Adid ignored him but the man repeatedly said ‘paisa, paisa’ in Hindi. Adid stopped and got down and began picking the notes. As he got back into the car, the conman had already snatched the bag from the car and fled.


Operation attention diversion:

Happening over and over:

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