Mangaluru: Bengaluru Bomb Blast Accused Riaz Brought to City to Visit Ailing Father

Mangaluru: Riaz Ahmed Syed, a resident of Magdum colony in Shamim street in Bhatkal, is the fourth accused in the case relating to a bomb blast that took place in Church Street in Bengaluru on Dec 28, 2014.

A woman had died and three other injured in the blast. Probing into the blast, the Bengaluru police had arrested Syed Ismail Afaq, Abdul Subur, Saddam Hussein and Riaz Ahmed. They have ever since been in judicial custody.

Recently Riaz’s father was taken ill and is currently undergoing treatment in a private hospital near Padil. Hence Riaz had filed a petition to a competent court here to allow him to visit his father in Mangaluru.

The police submitted evidence to establish that the condition of the indisposed father was not as bad as it was made out to be. The court, however, allowed Riaz to be taken to Mangaluru to brief visit his father.

Accordingly, the Bengaluru police brought Riaz here by road under top security and took him to the hospital where his father was receiving treatment.

After allowing him to speak to his father for some time, the cops took him back to Bengaluru.

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