Mangaluru: Bengaluru Entrepreneur Receives Threat Call in City over Land Deal in Goa!

Mangaluru: This episode appears to have widespread ramifications. The man hails from Bengaluru. He receives a call from abroad while here in the city. It is about a land deal in Goa.

Sohanlal Mehta is an entrepreneur based in Bengaluru. He was on a business visit to the city this week.

While he was at the Pabbas ice-cream joint near Lal Bagh on July 8, he received a call from a stranger, claiming himself to be ‘Ravi Bhai’, with an obvious reference to underworld don Ravi Pujari.

He spoke about Manoj and Mithulal from Bengaluru and warned Mehta not to get into any land deal in Goa.

He also told Mehta that he had been trailing him wherever he went. He would be murdered if he ever informed the police, the caller said.

Mehta immediately met the city police commissioner and filed a complaint. The commissioner has handed over the case to the Barke police station for further investigation.

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