Mangaluru: BJP Leader’s Statement will Create Communal Disharmony – Ibrahim Kodijal

Mangaluru: Chairman of MUDA Ibrahim Kodijal held a press meet at the District Congress office here on November 5.

Addressing the mediapersons, Kodijal said, “Few days back a BJP leader from Shivamogga made a controversial statement and threatened our CM Siddaramaiah over eating beef. India is a secular country having people of different caste, creed and religion. Such statements by BJP leaders create enmity between groups on the grounds of religion.

Ibrahim further said “After Narendra Modi took over the leadership of the country, the highly publicised campaign promise of “Ache Din aayenge”, seems to be not true. Food Prices have been increased. Prices for Dal, Onions and other vegetables have skyrocketed. Ideally, petrol price should have been reduced by 50% but we see only by 10% down in the price of petrol”.

Congress is the only party which provides opportunities to all communities, castes and class. In BJP there is no such provision, it is only for one class and community. If we need our country to be developed, we should forget caste, religion and class system.

He further said “As you all know ZP and TP elections are nearing, and our District Minister In-charge B Ramanath Rai have selected 6 candidates for the upcoming elections. They are Shashidhar Hegde, Mahabala Marla, Harinath M, Ashok DK, Naveen R D’Souza and AC Vinay Raj. We ensure that our candidates will meet your expectations and try their level best for the development of the district.”

Shashidhar Hegde and other congress leaders were also present.

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