Mangaluru: Boulders Roll over Track Minutes after Passing of Mumbai Express – Trains Delayed

Mangaluru: It would have been a major disaster if the incident had taken place a little earlier at Thokur on Wednesday, Nov 17.

The Mumbai-bound express train had chugged off from the Mangaluru junction railway station around 3-15 pm. Having gained speed, it had covered about 17 kilometres and passed by Thokur.

About two minutes after that heavy boulders are said to have rolled over the track completely blocking it. On receiving information, railway officials ensured stopping of the trains from either direction at the nearest stations.

Junction station master K Ramayya led a team of railway protection force and railway police to the spot cleared the tracks in about two hours. The Mangaluru-Madgaon train left the Junction station around 5-30 pm.

Efficient handling of and quick response to the situation by the railway team was appreciated by passengers.

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