Mangaluru: Businessman Relieved of Rs 8.50 Lakh by Trio by Diverting Attention

Mangaluru: In yet another of such oft-repeated acts in the city, three conmen looted a local businessman Rs 8.50 lakh by diverting his attention at Hampankatta around 3.15 pm on Tuesday.

Abduz Aziz, who runs fish trade in Goa, had brought Rs 3.50 from home and had just drawn another Rs 5 lakh from the Bunts’ hostel road branch of Axis Bank.

He was to leave for Ullal to pay the total amount of Rs 8.50 lakh to two persons in Ullal. He had put the whole amount in a laptop case and placed it on the rear seat.

At the Hampankatta branch of Syndicate Bank, he stopped the car and his wife went inside the bank on work. At this point, three strangers came from the front and walked towards the rear side. One of them is said to have tapped on the window-pane of the car signalling to Aziz that some money had fallen on the ground.

He got off the car and began picking the money. One of them opened the back door, snatched the bag and fled with others. By the time Aziz returned to the car, they had already vanished in the crowd.

In a complaint to the Bunder police, Aziz has stated that the bag contained, besides the cash, his PAN card, driving licence, voter’s ID and cheque book.

The three men were of sturdy body structure, dark complexion and were aged about 35 to 40 years. They sported light beard and wore trousers and shirts, says the complaint.

Operation ‘Attention Diversion’:

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Happening over and over:

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