Mangaluru: Cave Detected during Excavation Work – Second of its Kind at Same Spot

Mangaluru: About three years ago, a cave had been found while laying pipelines at Pucchekatte close to the Infosys campus near Mudipu.

It had attracted large crowds who had come to see it out of curiosity. Its origin and background have not been known as yet.


In a second incident of its kind, another cave was detected around the same spot on Sunday. This time it was the road widening project which unveiled it, when a mound was being pulled down with the help of earth-moving equipment.

As the news spread, people gathered in large numbers. As it was by the side of the road, the crowd created traffic blocks.

Some persons ventured deep into the cave, even as a few others cautioned of risks like poisonous creatures and possible suffocation due to lack of oxygen.

Those who went down to a short distance in the dark have conveyed the impression that it was a man-made tunnel which was bifurcated towards two different directions.

If the version is true, it definitely needs a study, since there have been cases wherein the rulers of olden times had created secret tunnels to access the neighbouring territories with a view to capturing them.

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